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The company, was incorporated in 2007, capitalizing on the extensive background of its founders at managerial positions within prominent multinational organizations.
Having recognised the demand for a truly independent corporate services provider Fidelius has emerged with an aim to Cater the intricate needs of large organizations while remaining sufficiently nimble to allow our executives to be available to be involved personally with each client.

Since its incorporation Fidelius has earned the trust of a diverse clientele, including large multinational groups operating in specialized sectors like Shipping, Oil & Gas, private equity funds with investments spanning various industries, and high-net-worth individuals.

Our clientele turns to us not only as a corporate service provider but also as a source of tailor-made ongoing advice and support, making Fidelius an integral part of their operations.

Our team has steadily expanded and now includes highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Our service offerings have diversified, adapting to our clients' ever-changing requirements while remaining firmly committed to the core principle ie ‘’ensuring our personal attention in every client's affairs.’’

With the introduction of legislation governing the Corporate Services sector in 2012, Fidelius has been authorized by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus to offer Corporate Services.

Furthermore, our firm holds a license to undertake a comprehensive range of insolvency and debt reorganization engagements.

Some of the more notable projects we were involved in include:

Working with a publicly listed ship owning company listed on NASDAQ

  • Provided comprehensive services to a renowned ship owning company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.
  • Collaborated closely with the management team to optimise financial reporting, corporate governance and transparency for investors.

Providing Crew Manning and Payroll Services

  • Offered specialized crew management and payroll services to maritime clients, ensuring efficient crew deployment, compliance with industry regulations, and timely and accurate payroll processing.
  • Implemented cutting-edge technology solutions to streamline crew management processes, improving overall operational efficiency for clients.

Working with a Leading Norwegian Law Firm in Jack-up Rig Acquisition

  • Collaborated with a prominent Norwegian law firm in a transaction involving the raising of finance and building of a Jack-up Rig.

Incorporated a Number of Cypriot PLC Co.

  • Played a pivotal role in the incorporation of several Cypriot Public Limited Companies (PLCs), managing the entire process.
  • Advised on corporate structures and governance to ensure optimal business operations.

Working on Tax Seat Transfer for Publicly Listed Companies (Cross-Border Merger)

  • Led and executed projects involving the transfer of tax seats for publicly listed companies, navigating the complexities of cross-border mergers.

Working with a Listed Client in Shipping and Ports Operations

  • Provided consultancy services to a publicly listed client with substantial interests in the shipping and ports sector.

Working with a Publicly Listed Client in the Technology Sector

  • Collaborated with a publicly listed client in the technology sector, offering advisory services, including market segment analysis, and strategic planning.

Setting up a Cyprus Alternative Investment Fund

  • Successfully incorporated a Cyprus Alternative Investment Fund (AIF), overseeing the all the relevant aspects of the setup and it’s licencing.

Licensing of Several Regulated Investment Advisory Firms

  • Facilitated the licensing process for a number of regulated investment advisory firms, ensuring compliance with applicable financial regulations.
  • Provided ongoing support for regulatory reporting and adherence to CySec’s regulations and domestic laws.

Complex Group Debt Reorganization

  • Led and executed a complex group debt reorganization, restructuring financial obligations to optimize the group's financial position.

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