Multi-family Office

Our multi-family office (MFO), is a specialised service which provides a comprehensive range of advisory services to multiple high-net-worth families. Our objective is to address the requirements of numerous client families by establishing a collaborative platform for overseeing their wealth and financial matters including estate planning and succession.

What Our Multi-Family Office has to offer

Explore a comprehensive array of services all under one roof at Fidelius's Family Office. From adept investment management to strategic tax planning, meticulous estate planning, and efficient administrative services, our integrated approach aims to provide a seamless and cost-effective solution. By consolidating these diverse services, clients benefit not only from the convenience of centralized management but also from potential cost savings when compared to the expenses associated with engaging multiple specialized service providers. Our commitment is to streamline your financial journey, offering a one-stop solution designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your wealth management experience.

Client-Centric Approach

Fidelius’s Multi-family office services are dedicated to understanding and addressing the individual needs and goals of each of our client. We offer bespoke solutions and strategies tailored to individual family circumstances.

Comprehensive Services

Our company provides a wide array of services, including investment management, financial planning, tax optimization, estate planning and succession, risk management, charity and corporate responsibility advising. These services cover all aspects of a family's financial life.

Professional Expertise

Our team consists of professionals with expertise in various financial disciplines, such as investment management, tax planning, legal matters, and estate planning. Clients benefit from access to a wide range of specialized knowledge.

Diversified Investments

We offer access to a diversified range of investment options, including traditional assets (stocks, bonds), alternative investments (private equity, hedge funds), and real estate. This diversification can help manage risk and enhance returns.

Confidentiality and Privacy

We always prioritise client’s confidentiality and privacy, providing a high level of discretion in managing financial affairs.

Family Governance

We work closely with our client’s in establishing governance structures and processes to manage family dynamics, succession planning, and decision-making among family members.

Multi-Generational Focus

We support wealth transfer and management across multiple generations, helping preserve family legacies and values.


We always operate independently from financial institutions (the client always has the last word on which Financial Institutions are retained) and have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of our clients, eliminating any conflicts of interest.

Education and Communication

We educate our clients about new financial products and other financial matters and provide to them regular updates on their portfolio performance and financial strategies, empowering them to make informed decisions.

International Capabilities

We work closely with various assets manager’s in managing the financial affairs of families with global assets and interests, coordinating international tax and legal complexities.

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